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Website Redesign Services Singapore

Do you have a website that looks old fashioned? Is your website not able to get more sales and conversions? Is your website not ranked on search engines like Google, even after trying so hard? Then you must go for a complete redesign of your website and Innomax provides you excellent services in web design & development.

Sometimes, you may come across a question: Whether I should go for a website redesign now or not?

Why you must go for a website redesign?


  • Outdated website design
    If your website has not been redesigned for the last 2 years or more, then you must go for a redesign since after every few months or year, there are updates in the browsers and their compatibility with the websites so it’s likely that your website is not being displayed correctly for many targeted users of your business.Therefore , you must make sure that your website is compatible with all the latest browsers especially the browsers which are used by most of the internet users.


  • Website has good amount of traffic but no sale
    If your website attracts good amount of traffic from search engines and other sources but there is no sale, then it’s a must for you to get your website redesigned. You can ask your web developer or online marketing consultant about the features or sections that can drive more sales from the existing traffic on your website and you can get those features incorporated in your website redesign package.Hire the best web design company in Singapore to understand your website's current status and suggest you the required changes to be done on it.


  • Website is not ranked on top positions of search engines
    If your website is quite old and still you are not visible on the prominent positions of search engines, then you must hire a web development company to redesign your existing website.The major search engines like Google has several on-site norms which every website must have in order to win their trust and rank top on search engines. So, you must make sure that your website redesigning should be done by a web development company having search engine optimization (SEO) skills as well.


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Website Redesign Services Singapore

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