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5 Web Design Trends for 2015

2015 will be the year of tremendous changes in the web industry especially for website designing and development.In the year 2014,we witnessed the rising trend of several web design goodies such as responsive websites,single page websites & non-flash based simple websites.This year,we will experience some great changes in the web development technologies & web design too.So,this is the right time for web design companies to adapt to these changes.

Here are few expected changes in the web design technologies which we may see this year:

Flat Design


2015 would be an year where you will see more flat design websites on the top list.By flat design websites,we mean more simplified web design look without compromising quality will become more popular than ever.There are several reasons of rise in the flat design websites however the most important reason is that the simplicity of website design makes it easier for the users to navigate the website.So if a company/business wants to have a great looking website which is user-friendly as well,flat design website should be the first choice for them.Another advantage of a flat design website is that it renders well on mobiles as well. 


Big Images will Become Bigger


In the earlier days,using big images on the websites was very much limited because of the bandwidth issue but in the year 2015,you will see an increase in the websites that would be using bigger images because bandwidth will be less of a problem as the time goes on.So the webmasters may opt to use bigger images on their websites to have an awesome look.You may also see bigger images which will be used as the background for the websites.




Webgraphics is a visual presentation in the form of graphics to express an idea or a thought.It is very much similar to infographics.As we have seen the rise of infographics during the past 2-3 years but now you will see increase in usage of webgraphics in the websites.The webgraphics would be considered as one of the best ways of storytelling on the websites.


Improved Animated Scrolling


In the past years,we have already seen the usage of animated scrolling which makes the webpage loads faster and progressive as you keep scrolling down which however needed some enhancement.Animated scrolling is tested and proven method of increasing the conversion ratio on the websites and therefore you will see an increase in the usage of animated scrolling in the year 2015.


Focus on Typography


Not only images,but you may also see lots of websites with more focus typography as well because in 2015,the major emphasis will be on storytelling and increased conversions from the websites.Another reason of increase in the demand of typography on the websites is that the type kit has become affordable or in some cases free as well so now the elegant typography would no more as asset for giants only.


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