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  1. Are you looking for some great advice & tips on website design? Or you want to make sure that your new website must have all the qualities of a revenue generating website & you are looking for some professional advice to achieve this goal?
  2. Its not easy & affordable in Singapore to have a full time web developer for any website maintenance,so every business owner must make sure that they hire as affordable web development company based in Singapore & get a suitable website maintenance package from them.
  3. Even though Internet sales in Singapore amount to only US$7 million a year, according to e-commerce firms, Singapore is a nice base to test strategies and see if they are fit for other Southeast Asian markets.
  4. The design of landing page is actually the cornerstone of digital marketing and is intended to make the page drive measurable results rather than just exist. It goes without saying that the design has to be flawless, sharp and easily comprehensible.
  5. Having a web design checklist in place helps web designers to do their job efficiently and make their lives easier as well.This checklist is very helpful especially in case of website launch where there are lots of complications like designing prototypes,developing codes and testing final output.
  6. What are landing pages? Lets understand first what are landing pages and what are the cases when you must use them.