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7 Good Reasons for Having Single Page Website Design

For the small businesses,it is always a good idea to have a single page website instead of having a fewer pages.Not just one, but there are several good reasons to have a single page website.In this blog,we have shared 7 best reasons to have a single page website:

Single Page Website Design


Easy-to-use for users

Having a single page on the website,it becomes easier for the users to read the content on the webpage at one glance.Even a layman user can be encouraged to read all the desired information about the website because there are no chances for him/her to get stuck in the navigational circles.

Better SEO Focus

When you own a single page website,you have an opportunity to focus more on SEO effectively on it; because you need to promote only a single page and all the SEO activities are aligned towards the same page only.

Easy to Manage

Since there is only one webpage on the single page website,it becomes easier for the webmasters to manage their websites as compared to the situation where they need to manage multiple sections and pages.

Flow of Information

In the single page websites,the flow of information seems to be so logical that the users are easily able to find the information about services/products that they are looking for.Therefore,the single page websites have good conversion ratio as well.

Mobile Responsive

Since the single page websites have no sections or other pages,they are usually built using one column only which makes it mobile responsive as well.So in case of single page websites,you don't need to worry about responsiveness of the website.

Testing becomes easier

Having only single page website,it becomes easier for the webmasters to test their websites for issues like codes validation,content quality etc.

Bandwidth Usage

In case of single page websites,the usage of bandwidth is also optimized because there is only one page to download and the users don't need to click on other links and wait for them to get downloaded.

When you should use single page websites?

When you intend to have a website with only 4-5 pages,you can go for a single page website but let us add here that there is no common solution to all the problems so the size of the webite may also depend on the nature of your business and your competitors as well.So think well before you decide between a single page website or multiple pages website.

If you have decided to get one page website for your business, you must contact your web designer to assist you with it now! The single page website has another good reason to choose - They are affordable also!!

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