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5 Issues to Fix for Website Usability

For every business,the first and foremost objective of having a nice website is to attract their targeted users.No matter how good the colors of your website are or how beautifully your web designer has used the grahics/images on your website;you can't expect revenue from your website unless your website serve well to your users.During the website design process,your web designer may ignore some of the important but very crucial perspectives which may affect your users' experience adversely.<

Your Website is Dead if...

In this competitive world of online marketing,it is not sufficient to just have a website alone.Rather,the most important element of a website for its success is its freshness and maintenance.If you notice,all of those companies whose revenues are entirely dependent on their websites would update their web pages regularly.In other words we can say, if you really want to get business from your website,then don't let it die.

A website is considered to be dead when:

7 Good Reasons for Having Single Page Website Design

For the small businesses,it is always a good idea to have a single page website instead of having a fewer pages.Not just one, but there are several good reasons to have a single page website.In this blog,we have shared 7 best reasons to have a single page website:

Single Page Website Design


Checklist for Your Website Redesign

Website Redesigning is a phase which comes in every webmaster's experience and they have face it whether they like it or not.When a website is not capable enough of capturing attention of users,generating traffic,converting visitors into customers then it's a time to redesign the website.Or let's put in other words;whenever there is a change in web technology,been too long to update the content & design or when a website is not able to encourage visitors to do business with the company then it should be an

7 Web Design Tips to Increase Your e-Commerce Sales

In this blog post, we are going to share few web design tips following which you will definitely add some value to your e-Commerce website & increase your revenue as well.We all agree that getting a website is not difficult these days but the only thing which comes with a lot of effort is getting sales out of your website especially in case of e-Commerce websites.Why should a customer buy from you rather than from your competitor?what are the key features of your online store that makes it outstanding?You must answer similar questions when you are going to launch your e-Commerce website

4 Useful Things Web Designers Can Do With Meta Tags

As a web designer or web developer,you must have applied meta tags at various places like keyword,description and title.But in this blog,we are going to tell you 4 useful things which you can do with meta tags.


1) Browser Cache

Web Design Consideration for SEO

During a website building process,paying attention on web design is a must however there is another thing which must be considered as well.You guessed it right,we are talking about SEO.Considering few minor but very important SEO compatibility factors can fetch you a great success at search engines.In this blog, we will be sharing few of those web design points which can enhance search engine optimization of your website:


5 Situations When You Must Redesign Your Existing Website

In this blog,we will share top 5 situations where every business must think about redesigning their website.If any of you think that you fall in any of the 3 situations mentioned here, then you shouldn’t give a second thought on redesigning your website.

 Website Redesign Service Singapore

Reason #1 for Website Redesign: Inefficiency of current website

30 Questions to ask before website development

Having a successful website is not so easy even if you hire a top-notch web development company.If you really want to have a website which helps you to grow your business manifold, then you must do some basic exercise which will make sure that you are going to have a successful website for your business.Because you know your business better than anyone else!

In this blog, we have laid down some of the important questions for which you must find answers before getting started with any web development company.


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