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Reasons of e-Commerce website failure

Setting up an e-Commerce website is easier,faster and inexpensive but getting revenue from it is comparatively challenging.The success of an e-Commerce business entirely depends on the efficiency of its website.e-Commerce entrepreneurs must make sure that their websites are efficient enough to drive sales and must possess all the required qualities of encouraging visitors to buy products/services.

7 Web Design Tips to Increase Your e-Commerce Sales

In this blog post, we are going to share few web design tips following which you will definitely add some value to your e-Commerce website & increase your revenue as well.We all agree that getting a website is not difficult these days but the only thing which comes with a lot of effort is getting sales out of your website especially in case of e-Commerce websites.Why should a customer buy from you rather than from your competitor?what are the key features of your online store that makes it outstanding?You must answer similar questions when you are going to launch your e-Commerce website

5 Top Reasons to Integrate Your e-Commerce Website with CRM

In the age of advanced software technologies,every customer expects sterling service & support at all times from businesses.With such level of expectations,it has become mandatory for every retail business to provide excellent & prompt services to their customers.But this kind of support is not possible with the manual intervention and here comes the need of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).Through CRM systems,it is possible for all the organizations to synchronize the customer data and use it for effective communication,future prediction,data backup and organizing events an

5 Great Modules to Increase Conversion on Your eCommerce Website

Getting an eCommerce developer is not a challenging job these days.You can hire any web development company and get your eCommerce website work started but if you really want to be successful in eCommerce/Online Selling business ,then you must make sure that your web development company have CONVERSION skills that are beyond just website development.Here we are talking about those skills which are required to entice users to purchase the products and become paid client.

Growth of e-Commerce Websites in Singapore

E-commerce is well on its way towards East and it is really no wonder that high-end brands have started formulating digital strategies to grab the attention of Asian markets.Even in these tough times of slow economic revival, e-commerce is doing quite well globally.According to recent studies conducted by various e-market researchers, in 2013 e-commerce has seen a growth of more than 15% over the last few years and evidently Asia is driving this fast growth.In fact, Asia is accountable for more than 30% year-over-year increase in e-commerce sales.

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